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i havent made any meaningful posts in god knows how long. but i’m so happy to say i’m back on track. after months struggle to get my life under control, I’m back. 


i cant seem to get my life on track. 

i guess ill never be happy. 

bitches love cake.

decisions…but i want it all, so i get it all.

i wanna eat the whole cake.

im not sharing, im not sharing

you should have learned how to bake.

"i want this…i hate this…this fucking sucks….i’m eating…but i can’t…i’ve come so far…but i’m starving…but i’m so fucking fat…i just want to be thin…but that food looks so good…i’ll start again tomorrow…but i know tomorrow never really comes…ugh fuck it, i’m going to the gym"
i don’t want to recover.

i just want to be beautiful.

you’re p a t h e t i c.

it’s my ex-boyfriend’s girlfriends birthday today. excuse me whilst i vomit over his birthday message on her facebook. HAH even though he’s barely a 5, it’s still m o t i v a t i o n. 

you enjoy that.